Network Management

Manage and visualize your network.

Network management software offers saver applications beginning with user interface, and the network configuration up to the network monitoring.


The intuitive user interface makes unknown networks visible and allows rapid and simple visualization of the topology.


HiVision enables secure and easy configuration as well as the monitoring of industrial network components in real time.

  • HiViewThe new HiView gives you direct access to the graphical user interface of managed Hirschmann™ switches – a feature that is unique in automation. This tool, which supports a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems, also serves as a client for our network management software, Industrial HiVision.

  • Annual Maintenance PlanLe nouveau plan de maintenance annuel (Annual Maintenance Plan, ou AMP) vous permet de réaliser une mise à niveau économique de notre logiciel d'administration de réseau Industrial HiVision. En contrepartie d’une somme fixe, vous pouvez bénéficier automatiquement – si vous disposez d’une licence complète pour les versions 04.0.00 ou plus récentes – de la nouvelle version pendant un an.


Device Management Technology based on the FDT/DTM standard

Intelligent, efficient FDT/DTM-compliant device management for the Hirschmann™ portfolio including switches, routers, firewalls and access points.