Hirschmann MSP30/40 Layer 3 Switches

The managed rail switches MSP30/40 offer high-performance routing combined with the unique security functions of the MSP family. Therefore maximum productivity is ensured at all times for connected machines and systems. The MSP Layer 3 switches guarantee all-around network protection, making this modular switches the most powerful industrial Ethernet system for DIN rails. Thanks to Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) support, terminal equipment can also be powered cost-effectively.

  • Layer 3 capability brings routing to the shop floor and enables communication between physically separated networks
  • Unique security functions set standards for network availability
  • Modular design with high number of Gigabit port options allows flexible and cost-effective solutions

Your Benefits

Thanks to its modular design, the MSP30 and MSP40 can be used to create tailor-made and hence cost-effective solutions for your applications, allowing you to respond flexibly to future requirements without having to replace the entire switch. You can even use your existing MSP switch modules in the new routing version.

The MSP Layer 3 software brings routing to the shop floor and enables communication between physically separated networks. This allows segmentation of large networks, while the extremely robust design of the MSP enables the user to place the switch in harsh conditions, thus facilitating direct routing to other production floors without needing a backbone router.

Hirschmann™ MSP30-Layer 3

Belden has extended its range of configurable modular switches for mission-critical applications with an MSP40 Layer 3 switch, which offers all the benefits of the proven MSP30 switch family like high-performance routing, plus full gigabit variants. Since it supports standard redundancy protocols, it enables users to set up networks with sub-rings and therefore increase availability even further. Its support of dynamic routing protocols also makes it easy to install larger networks.

A modern Ethernet network is the key to efficient processes, but is also associated with a number of risks, which is why the MSP30/40 Layer 3 switches offer a host of security functions to monitor access to the network and reliably protect it against attacks.

Moreover, PoE+ support allows terminal equipment to be powered straight from the data line without the need for additional power packs or extra cables. The newly developed external power PoE+ module adds double power to the MSP switch.

The MSP30/40 Layer 3 switches, which can be installed either centrally in a control cabinet or locally in distribution boxes, provide comprehensive routing functionality covering both static and dynamic routing. This ensures that MSP can meet the most stringent Layer 3 requirements of every customer, even in harsh environments. This makes these switches suitable for most applications in automotive and transportation, as well as energy, power transmission and distribution, and a host of other industries.

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Product Description

The Hirschmann MSP30/40 Layer 3 switch extends the unique security functions of the MSP family to include high-performance routing plus more gigabit throughput. This functionality is offered in a variety of hardware packages. Unicast dynamic routing (UR) and multicast dynamic routing (MR) offer customers an attractive cost benefit – "Just pay for what you need." With the existing modular IPv6-ready hardware, the MSP30/40 Layer 3 switches enable complete solutions that meet all network requirements.

Récapitulatif des avantages

Thanks to the dynamic unicast and multicast routing, the new MSP30/40 Layer 3 switches guarantee network segmentation and seamless production processes.

  • Extends the proven MSP switch family to include high-performance routing (unicast and multicast)
  • All-around network protection through security functions such as port security, DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, Ingress/Egress Access Control List (ACL), sFlow, storm control, automatic denial-of-service prevention and port access control via 802.1x, including multi-client authentication, Radius Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)/policy assignment and guest/unauthenticated VLAN
  • Support of standard redundancy protocols such as Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) makes it possible to set up networks with sub-rings
  • Individual configuration of functions and Ethernet ports, up to 2.5 Gigabit, as a result of the modular design
  • Click-in mechanism for tool-free module assembly
  • Cost-effective powering of terminal equipment via internal PoE+ up to 120 W plus external power module offers additional 120W per module
  • IP30 industrial protection class
  • Approved by global GL standards for Environmental Category D (vibrations up to 4g) and for use in marine and railroad applications
  • Optionally extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C (standard is from 0°C to +60°C); Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are protected against condensation (conformal coating)
  • High-grade metal/aluminum housing for mounting on a DIN rail
  • Simple configuration and diagnosis using HiDiscovery, Industrial HiVision or web interface
  • Convenient management via standard web browser and Single Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface
  • Standards and approvals:
    – Transformer stations: IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613
    – Hazardous areas: ISA 12.12.01, CSA 22.2 number 213; ATEX Zone 2
    – Transportation: NEMA TS2, EN 50121-4
    – Safety: EN 60950-1, cUL508
    – Marine approvals: GL, BV, DNV, ABS, LR
    – Railroad approvals: EN 50121-4:2006 declaration
  • Compatible with the proven industrial cables from Belden®

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Thanks to its dynamic unicast and multicast routing, the new MSP30 Layer 3 switch guarantees network segmentation and seamless production processes.

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