AS-Interface (AS-i)


AS-Interface (AS-i) is the simplest networking solution for actuators and sensors in manufacturing systems. Using the now-famous yellow cable, it is an 'open' technology supported by over 100 vendors worldwide, guaranteeing best-in-class solutions, global support and the freedom to choose the products and suppliers that best suit needs.

For more Information see the AS-Interface web page.

Fieldbus Foundation


The Fieldbus Foundation is the leading organization dedicated to a single international, interoperable fieldbus standard. Established in September 1994 by a merger of WorldFIP North America and the Interoperable Systems Project (ISP), the foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that consists of nearly 120 of the world's leading suppliers and end users of process control and manufacturing automation products. Working together, these companies have provided unparalleled support for a worldwide fieldbus protocol, and have made major contributions to the IEC/ISA fieldbus standards development.

For more Information see the Fieldbus Foundation web page.

ODVA - The Open DeviceNet Vendor Association


ODVA is the organization that manages the DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP network technology and standards in addition to promoting their worldwide adoption in industrial automation. DeviceNet incorporates CAN technology and provides a low-cost industrial network used to connect industrial devices.

EtherNet/IP is an Ethernet implementation designed for industrial applications, built on standard TCP/IP protocol and shares a common application layer with DeviceNet thus facilitating the exchange of information between device-level networks and plant level information systems.

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With more than 1,100 members around the world, PROFIBUS International (PI) is the world’s largest organization for industrial communication. The local representation with Regional PROFIBUS Associations (RPA) in 23 countries and more than 20 PROFIBUS Competence Centers in nearly 15 countries ensures worldwide PROFIBUS Support.

The PI Support Center in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the international point of contact and the communication center for members, technical committees, working groups, press contacts, RPAs, and other liaison partners.

For more information see the Profibus web-page.

The VDMA - The Federation of the Engineering Industries


Over 100 years of service to the machinery and plant manufacturing industry and the information technology sector.

Liberal orientation in economic policy, based on the fundamentals of free market economies, committed to the well-being of society as a whole and the economy in general.

Private non-profit organization, voluntary membership.

For more information see the VDMA web page.

World FIP


The World's most effective real time fieldbus. A single consistent technology for all levels of the fieldbus system, combining the worlds of closed-loop control and information-technology on one real time bus. WorldFIP is accepted technology for international contracts, and is a European Standard (EN50170). This guarantees its stability and openness, and ensures that WorldFIP is a preferred technology for all real-time applications in the public sector and utility industries throughout the European Union. With the fastest growing user base in the world and a complete answer in a single technology, WorldFIP offers the most practical and proven solution.

For more information see the World FIP web-page.



Electrical engineering and electronics are the key industry for the global industrial, service and information society of the 21st century. The "Zentralverband der Elektrotechnik und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI) e.V.", the German electrical and electronic manufacturers' association, promotes the common economic, technological and environmental policy interests of the German electrical and electronics industry.

For more information see the ZVEI web-page.