MIPP Pre-Terminated MPO Cassette

MIPP Pre-Terminated MPO Cassette provides a simple, uncompromisingly flexible plug & play solution to adapt to the growing industrial applications connectivity needs.


Designed specifically for use in industrial environments, the 100% factory terminated and tested, MIPP MPO Cassette ensures top performance with minimum installation time.

Its plug-and-play capability allows you to install and maintain your network without training, tools or splicing, cleaving or polishing in the field. MIPP Pre-Terminated MPO Cassette is UL certified (UL 1863).

Plug & Play Solution for an Effortless Fiber Termination

  • Efficient, fast and reliable plug & play one-person installation
  • Allows for quick network reconfiguration in the event of moves, adds and changes
  • No need to splice, cleave or polish when installing

100% Pre-tested Compact and Rugged Design

  • Critical optical characteristics are tightly controlled and tested during manufacturing process
  • Lightweight, high strength aluminium housing for an industrial fiber pre-terminated cassette

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