Belden releases new plug-n-protect OPC firewall to provide robust cyber security for automation facilities

New Hirschmann™ EAGLE20 Tofino OPC Enforcer protects networks using OPC Classic, the world’s most widely used industrial integration protocol.

Belden has recently introduced version 1.6.0 of its Hirschmann™ EAGLE20 Tofino industrial network security system, including the new EAGLE20 Tofino OPC Enforcer Loadable Software Module (LSM). Developed by Byres Security Inc. for Hirschmann™, the OPC Enforcer locks down any system using the widely installed OPC Classic protocol, providing superior security over what can be achieved with conventional firewall solutions. The result is improved network reliability and security for the process control and SCADA industries.


Availability and Requirements

The Hirschmann™ EAGLE20 Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM is available as of today, and requires the EAGLE20 Tofino Security Appliance and the EAGLE20 Tofino Firewall LSM.

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