Industrial HiVision Network Management Software

Improve productivity, security and network uptime using Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision Network Management Software to configure and monitor industrial Ethernet networks. Plus, you can supervise any SNMP-enabled products.

Industrial HiVision

Industrial HiVision safely and automatically identifies network devices and helps you configure and monitor them. The result is all-around network protection and high-performance network management, while making engineering teams more efficient.

Now, version 8.0 offers improved usability combined with new tools for configuration and supervision of industrial networks.

Enhanced support for EtherNet/IP simplifies asset management for Industrial devices. A Duplicate Network option facilitates the configuration of networks with identical structures.

  • Obtain instant visibility of key performance indicators with the Network Dashboard
  • Find faults quickly and achieve timely remediation that improves uptime and security
  • Easily identify, map and configure all network infrastructure, including SNMP-enabled devices from any manufacturer with MultiConfig, even during live operation
  • Download a free version of the software for your unlimited use to experience the benefits before you buy
  • Setup wizard makes implementation and configuration easy
  • Distributed network management with hierarchical master/slave stations
  • Configuration Signature Check monitors changes to device configuration files
  • Configuration File-Compare function highlights specific configuration changes
  • Auto-Scheduled device configuration backup
  • PoE wizard to optimize the use of available power
  • Customized alerts for unauthorized system changes
  • Simple security lockdown feature
  • User roles for controlled access
  • Event history in graphical format
  • LDAP or RADIUS user authentication with audit trail of user action history
  • VLAN viewer, MIB browser, edit and run mode also available
  • Windows and Linux versions available with multiple language support
  • The Hirschmann Annual Maintenance Plan also is available for cost effective updates

Industrial HiVision can be used wherever networks have high availability, power and security requirements. The software requires no special IT knowledge and its wizard guides you systematically through the network management set-up process.

  • Large networks with devices from various third-party manufacturers
  • Networks with many parameters per device or manufacturer-specific device parameters
  • Networks with growing energy demands and need to manage PoE devices
  • Networks in need of precisely transmitting time-sensitive data via TSN technology

Technical Data

Type Nodes (IP addresses) Order No. More Info
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 32 nodes
943 156-032 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 64 nodes
943 156-064 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 128 nodes
943 156-128 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 256 nodes
943 156-256 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 512 nodes
943 156-512 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 1024 nodes
943 156-124 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 2048 nodes
943 156-248 e-Catalog
Industrial HiVision License enables supervision
of up to 4096 nodes
943 156-496 e-Catalog

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