The entry-level rail SPIDER PoE switch allows both simple integration of devices such as IP phones into networks as well as flexible and efficient expansion of networks. Separate power supply units and power cables can thus be dispensed with.


With the SPIDER PoE switch, you don't need to lay any power cables or purchase separate power supply units in order to expand your communication infrastructure.

The SPIDER PoE switch also has a lot to offer when it comes to withstanding environmental conditions, from high resistance to impacts, vibration and interference, to an extended operating temperature range.

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) - allows simple and economical network expansion
  • Easy to operate - thanks to plug-and-work, LEDs to signal the device status, and visualization using the network management software Industrial HiVision
  • Compact rugged design - to withstand even harsh Environments
  • Maximum flexibility - for short distances to the end devices they can be cascaded to any depth

Up to four PoE ports can each provide network nodes with 15.4 W of power via the data line.

  • The SPIDER PoE switch can be used to flexibly and cost-effectively expand twisted-pair networks
  • The "power station" SPIDER II 8TX PoE ensures that network devices can be operated without separate power supplies or power lines
  • The SPIDER PoE switch offers eight Fast Ethernet ports
  • Up to four PoE ports, each with a capacity of 15.4 W
  • Robust design (IP30, resistant to shock, vibration and interference)
  • DIN rail mounting and fast startup (plug-and-work)
  • LEDs for monitoring network and device status, including power supply
  • Visualization in the network management software Industrial HiVision from Hirschmann
  • Special approvals (E13, C-Tick Declaration, GOST-R Certificate)
  • Optimized for Ethernet cables from Belden, all switches from the Hirschmann range, and the brand's specially developed PSE power supply units

The entry-level rail SPIDER PoE switch is in its element in numerous industries, because this switch comply with all the relevant industry standards:

  • automated systems in factories
  • automated systems in processing plants
  • automated systems in traffic control and building Technology
  • mechanical engineering
  • plant engineering

Among other advantages, the SPIDER PoE switch also carries E13 approval for use in motor vehicles, where it can be used to network and power video cameras and display systems. However and wherever the SPIDER PoE Switch is used, it always guarantees economical solutions, thanks to its relatively low acquisition and installation costs and the fact that it requires absolutely no maintenance.

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