Precision Time Protocol

Time synchronization with the Precision Time Protocol

Precise time information is especially important for decentralized systems. Using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) specified in IEEE 1588, it is possible for the first time to synchronize clocks that are distributed over Ethernet networks within an accuracy of less than one microsecond.
PTP is always in demand in automation technology when procedures require precise synchronization. The field of Motion Control is an important area of application. PTP helps to synchronize drives inside a robot, for example, or a printing press, a packaging or paper processing machine. Cooperating robots are linked to each other through extremely precise clocks, or entire parts for machines or installations are closely connected over PTP so that the on-going processes are coordinated exactly with each other chronologically. Clocks running synchronously in each component make it possible to create decentralized structures and decouple completion of the processes from the communication and processing of control commands.

Many companies outside the field of automation technology are also working on the evaluation and implementation of PTP. In all cases where readings have to be collected and correlated, PTP is a much sought-after solution. Hirschman is one of the pioneers in the field of clock synchronization over Ethernet. With the world’s first IEEE 1588 compliant Boundary Clock Switch, Hirschmann™ has been a part of many projects since 2004. Products that comply with the new and expanded IEEE Standard 1588-2008, which include support for the PTP Transparent Clock Function for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet are also available immediately.

The applications of PTP at a glance:



Modular Rail-Switches with PTPv2

Industrially compatible, flexible, economical and future-safe - these are only a few features, which the intelligent MICE system is offering. Regardless of standard or configurable switches, the modular structure pays off especially in the long term: MICE Switches and media modules offer you maximum flexibility and therefore perfectly prepared for the growing network demands of the future.

The PTPv2 Modules offers a synchronisations accuracy less than 80ns and also provides besides Boundary Clock also the function Transparent Clock.

Configurable modular Switches
Configurable modular switches of the MS family offer a tailor-made solution for all areas of use


MACH1000 19" Ruggedized Switches

Gigabit Ethernet MACH1000

Going above and beyond the capabilities of the already rugged Hirschmann™ switches, these ruggedized switches are extremely immune to noise and able to provide maximum uptime in extreme environmental conditions.

The Gigabit Ethernet MACH1000 comes with 16 Gigabit Ethernet Combo ports for highest media flexibility. For building reliable networks, the MACH1000 offers ultra-fast ring recovery time <10 ms, fanless design and a flexible and redundant power input range of 24/36/48 VDC, 125/250 VDC or 110/230 VAC in each possible combination.

MACH1040 (MACH1000-MAR1040) 19" managed industrial switch supports PTPv2.


MICE PTPv2-Media Modules

MICE switches and media modules offer you maximum flexibility and therefore perfectly prepared for the growing network demands of the future.


The new PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) protocols are two newly developed redundancy methods that significantly increase the availability and reliability of network connections.


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