HiMobile from Hirschmann™

The new HiMobile app, together with the network management software Industrial HiVision from Hirschmann, is the perfect client/server solution for mobile monitoring of network nodes using smartphones or tablets – for higher network availability. HiMobile allows direct and convenient access to status information on network devices from almost anywhere. The HiMobile app runs on mobile browser-capable devices and supports Apple and Android operating systems as well as Windows Phone.

  • Higher network availability with mobile monitoring of network devices
  • Direct and convenient access to status information
  • Compatible with all browser-capable mobile phones as well as all tablets

Your Benefits

HiMobile has added a further dimension to smartphones - an indispensable tool for network administrators - used to increase network availability. This is because HiMobile allows status information on network devices to be accessed directly and conveniently from a tablet or a smartphone - even if you are not at your workplace. A special formatted QR code can be used to scan a device's IP address and the status information can be viewed immediately on the display. Network devices can also be accessed quickly via product lists.

HiMobile from Hirschmann™

Status information can be displayed directly with HiMobile and the network management software Industrial HiVision on smartphones or tablets with Hirschmann™ switches, thus improving network availability. The app runs on browser-capable mobile devices and supports Apple, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Special QR codes and product lists allow convenient entry of IP addresses. The connection to the network devices can be established via WLAN, Ethernet or 3G.

HiMobile is suitable for practically all applications that depend on seamless processes and effective data communication. Examples include systems in the food and beverage sector, material handling, printing machines and robotic applications. Network availability can also be improved with this app in the oil and gas sector, and in power generation from wind turbines and solar panels. The same also applies for road and rail transport, airports and seaports.

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Product Description

HiMobile is one of the first apps in the world to enable monitoring of industrial network devices without a PC. All that is required is a smartphone or tablet and network access, whether it's via WLAN, Ethernet or a 3G mobile connection. The Industrial HiVision network management software from Hirschmann acts as a server and HiMobile acts as a client. Access to the server can be protected by password. In addition, the app allows status information on network devices to be read but not saved, making it both a practical and a secure monitoring solution.

Benefits at a Glance

HiMobile is one of the first apps in the world to allow direct access to status information on industrial network devices.

  • Mobile monitoring of network devices via smartphone or tablet increases network availability because administrators can respond immediately to error messages without needing access to a PC
  • HiMobile supports Apple and Android operating systems as well as Windows Phone
  • Convenient access to IP addresses via special QR codes and product lists
  • Connection to network nodes via WLAN, Ethernet or 3G
  • Ideally suited to Industrial HiVision management software as well as switches from Hirschmann™

Product Overview

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Hirschmann™ launches HiMobile, one of the world's first apps for industrial network devices.

Case Study

  • CS 116E - Kuwait Oil CompanyKuwait Oil Company is one of the world's leading Oil & Gas companies. Belden successfully applied Hirschmann™ Ethernet technology and Industrial HiVision Network Management System to develop a robust and reliable pipeline control network.

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The HiMobile app can be downloaded from the following app stores:

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The new HiMobile app makes status information for Hirschmann switches available almost anywhere

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