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Traditional firewalls are not designed for control systems or industrial threats, putting at risk utilities essential to our way of life.

Each year, damage caused to critical infrastructure by network incidents and cyber attacks runs into billions of dollars.

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution goes beyond traditional firewall security by providing tailored protection for zones of devices - Zone Level Security™. Tofino is designed specifically for rugged environments, varied staff skills and differing needs of the industry, and can be installed and implemented without any plant downtime.

Developed by industrial security experts, and certified to numerous standards, Tofino is changing the landscape of industrial security.

The Tofino Enforcer® is a content inspection firewall for industrial communications, checking every packet against a list of ‘allowed’ commands as defined by control engineers. Packets with bad formatting, commands not on the ‘allowed’ list, or any attempt to access data outside the allowed range are blocked and reported.

Tofino Enforcer® is the only proven technology for securing industry safety systems. It is certified and field-tested for industrial protocols including OPC, EtherNet/IP and Modbus.

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