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Software Platform for Hirschmann 2-port EAGLE20 Security family


The future-proof two port Hirschmann EAGLE20 firewall contains all the essential features of a security router in a ruggedized metal housing. Consequently, its software offers a large range of protection functionalities for virtually every design of network. Moreover, the Firewall Learning Mode provides an expedited deployment of firewall rules for bridged or routed communications. For high availability networks, the software offers redundancy at both Layer 2 and Layer 3 and firewall state entries are automatically synchronized.

The latest IPsec VPN technologies, using certificates or Pre-Shared-Keys, allow connections between industrial networks, as well as remote access to these networks from anywhere in the world. In addition, Hub-and-Spoke technology is provided as well as advanced address translation features to simulate Layer-2 communication via a routed VPN connection.

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