WLAN Software - HiLCOS

Software Platform for Hirschmann OpenBAT and BAT450-F Devices

Fully featured operating system with comprehensive security functionality


HiLCOS is the operating system for all Hirschmann OpenBAT and BAT450-F devices. It features more than just basic WLAN AP/Client functions.

This operating system profits from more than 15 years of experience, continuous development and improvement.

HiLCOS is self-written by German engineers and is not based on public or open source, so it provides greater security.

Main functions:

  • Basic functionality: Wireless LAN access point/client
  • Proven high performance, e.g. fast and smooth roaming

Additionally, many powerful features are integrated which go beyond basic functions. These include:

  • WLAN Coach-2-Coach (C2C) Coupling - Automatic way to connect two rail coaches via point-to-point link between two access points (from HiLCOS 9.12)
  • Roaming enhancements – prioritized channel scan, improvements for client bridge roaming support and advanced roaming configuration options (from HiLCOS 9.12)
  • Enhanced security via additions on the WIDS to detect new threats, identify and locate intruder and configuration flexibility by using the WLC (from HiLCOS 9.12)
  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (from release HiLCOS 8.90)
  • Opportunistic Key Caching (from release HiLCOS 8.90)
  • Integrated Firewall for bridged and routed traffic
  • Integrated IP Router (HiLCOS 8.80 introduces IPv6)
  • Integrated RADIUS and IEEE802.1x server and supplicant
  • Protected Management Frames (PMF)
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS)
  • Support of communication to BAT-Controller (CAPWAP) with WLC Backup function
  • And much more…

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