Hirschmann Remote Access Solution with Routed Capabilities

The Secure Remote Access Solution offers instant access for maintenance or troubleshooting and enables a secure way for many devices to connect together and communicate.

Prodct Image Secure Access

The Secure Remote Access Solution provides a protected cloud system that can be configured with minimal IT knowledge or assistance. Permanent Internet protocol (IP) addresses are not required, and there is no need to reconfigure corporate firewalls.

Thus, the system enables secure access for remote programming and diagnostics with no disruptions to existing Systems.

  • Simple configuration, settings allow those with limited technical knowledge to network devices as part of the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Supports both transparent (GECKO 4TX switch) or routed (OWL cellular router) connections for maximum flexibility
  • Connect to 3G or 4G cellular networks for installations without existing wired networks to provide a costeffective solution to a common logistical issue
  • Secure remote access, diagnostics and PLC programming via a flexible hardware / software solution
  • Connect via a secure cloud hosted by Hirschmann or hosted by your company
  • Use your standard PLC and HMI tools, just as if you were onsite
  • Provide instant support to ensure machine uptime
  • Operate machines without physical access even those on 4G/LTE cellular connections
  • Service global customers without the expense of travel
  • No IT knowledge required to set up the system
  • Permanent IP addresses are not required
  • Firewall friendly – no need to reconfigure company firewalls
  • Avoids the complexity of virtual private networks (VPNs)

Ideal for use for all settings with industrial networks in need of both monitoring and ad-hoc secure remote Access:

  • Power and Utility
  • Transportation
  • Factory Automation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Machine Building
  • Water/Wastewater

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Secure Remote Access

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