RED25 Fast Ethernet Entry-Level Switches

This family of entry-level redundancy switches is especially designed for industrial automation applications in need of cost-effective and high-end redundant network solutions.


In addition to support for various redundancy technologies like PRP, HSR, and DLR, the Hirschmann RED25 switches have comprehensive built-in security features.

The switches are also customizable based on specific port needs or environmental factors, such as temperature range.

  • Maximum network uptime – interruption-free data communication supported by various redundancy protocols
  • Flexible, versatile design – easy customization through two port configurations, various security features and field-exchangeable fiber modules
  • Cost effective – ideal for entry-level industrial network needs and economical installations, including retrofits
  • Interruption-free data communications thanks to the redundancy technologies PRP and HSR, fast recovery with DLR, RSTP and MRP
  • Two FE port types available (4 x TX and 2 x TX/2 x SFP)
  • Allows for connection to existing networks SFP modules to enable flexibility for in-the-field updates
  • Comprehensive security mechanisms provide all-around network protection
  • Broad immunity to electrostatic discharges, plus high-vibration resistance
  • Small form-factor redundancy box (RedBox)
  • Supports distances up to 100 kilometers
  • HiOS Layer 2 – Standard software
  • 24 V power supply
  • Device replacement with auto-configuration adapter ACA22-USB
  • Operating temperature range from -40 ˚C to +70 ˚C (standard model: 0 ˚C to +60 ˚C)

RED25 is an ideal choice for those who need a Fast Ethernet, entry-level redundancy switch designed specifically for operation in extreme environmental conditions.

The features offered with these switches are particularly suited for use in industrial automation applications that require cost-effective, high-end redundancy topologies. RED25 switches are a great fit for automotive, manufacturing and machine building industries.

Other applications in which the RED25 switches can also be used include consumer packaged goods and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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