Modular Backbone Switches from Hirschmann

Our real “all-rounders” – with various media modules, expandable IP routing functionality and superior bandwidth for connecting OT and IT networks.

Backbone Switches
  • Future-proof backbone solutions to handle evolving bandwidth needs and progressively transition the network
  • Support versatile routing functions
  • Maximize uptime with a redundant backbone network and internal power supply
  • Obtain greater network control with extended flexibility at the port level
  • Highest level of data security, with numerous security mechanisms
  • Application flexibility, provided by different media modules
  • Reduce costs without compromising performance


DRAGON MACH4x00 Layer 3 Backbone Switches and Media Modules

With advanced hardware and software features, including up to eight ports that can be set up for 2.5 GE or 10 GE, redundant power supplies and various interfaces, the DRAGON MACH4x00 series delivers superior bandwidth for connecting OT and IT networks.

Mach4000 kein hintergrund

MACH4000 Backbone Switches and Media Modules

These backbone switches support data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s as well as dynamic Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing. Different media modules provide maximum flexibility and fast redundancy methods, while ensuring the highest level of network availability.

TSN - Time Sensitive Networking


Unterstanding why TSN ist not "just another standard", but a new evolution in mission-critical networking

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