MACH4000 Layer 2 and Layer 3 Backbone Switches

As well as enabling high data rates, the Hirschmann backbone switches in the MACH4000 family also support static and dynamic unicast routing as well as multicast routing, and router redundancy.

mach40000 layer 2

The Backbone switches in the MACH4000 family are equipped with 8 or 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports as standard. By adding additional hot-swappable 8-port media modules, the port density can be increased to 24 or 48.

Depending on the model of switch - 5 versions available - three 10 Gigabit interfaces are also provided.

Further features of these backbone switches include various routing functions, comprehensive management and redundancy methods, as well as numerous security mechanisms.

  • Future-proof backbone solutions due to large bandwidth and effective layer 2 and layer 3 routing functions
  • Redundancy methods such as HIPER Ring, MRP or Link Aggregation ensure fast reconfiguration in the event of error, thus guaranteeing smooth data communication
  • Convenient network administration using Industrial HiVision management software from Hirschmann
  • USB interface for ACA 21 auto-confi guration adapter which can be used to save all configuration data as well as to conveniently upgrade the operating system
  • Classic Switch Software provides enhanced software plus extended diagnostic, filter properties, security and redundancy features
  • Application flexibility, owing to hot-swappable media modules (including efficient powering of devices via PoE)
  • Highest level of data security, with numerous security mechanisms
  • Five different versions with high Gigabit Ethernet port density and – depending on the individual model – additional 10 Gigabit interfaces
  • Robust and compact metal housing
  • High resistance to shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference
  • Industry-specific certifications, making them suitable for use in such areas as transformer substations (IEC 61850), railways (EN 50121-4), and onboard ships (GL)
  • Operating temperature range from 0°C to +60°C
  • IP20 protection rating

Capable of seamless integration into PROFINET and EtherNet/IP environments, the switches in the MACH4000 family can be used in all networks where large bandwidth and versatile routing functions are required. This applies to factory automation, where secure connections between production and corporate networks are needed – in the automotive area, for example – as well as to rail transport (for networking management, control and security systems, etc.).

Because Ethernet is also becoming the standard in the shipping industry, compact backbone systems are in demand. In addition, the MACH4000 family is certified for maritime applications by Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

The switches are therefore ideal for use on oil platforms, where they can be employed to set up VLANs or connect support systems. Finally, the MACH4000 switches are ideally suited for power transmission and distribution, wind farms and solar power plants backbone systems.

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MACH4000 family

Designed for automation networks, the MACH4000 switches are compact and extremely robust.

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