Future-proof Access Points

Hirschmann™ access points with HiLCOS 8.00 WLAN firmware

HiLCOS 8.00 is Belden's new WLAN firmware that fulfills all the requirements of the new EN 301893 V1.5.1 standard, which regulates the operation of WLAN devices in 5 GHz environments.

With this new EN 301893 V1.5.1 WLAN standard, which will come into effect across Europe on July 1, 2010, the European regulatory authority ETSI is implementing more stringent requirements for dynamic frequency selection (DSF). The new DSFIII mechanism, which has a substantially higher sampling rate than previous versions, is designed to prevent interference of civilian and military equipment. To accomplish this, the WLAN devices periodically monitor the channel they are sending on and, if necessary, change channels automatically.

Belden equips Hirschmann™ access points with HiLCOS 8.00 WLAN firmware to meet the new European 5 GHz standard. (Photo: Belden, PR154)

The HiLCOS 8.00 firmware will be standard equipment on all access points of the BAT54 and BAT300 series from the Hirschmann™ product range delivered after July 1, 2010. You can also update your existing devices by downloading HiLCOS 8.00 free of charge from www.beldensolutions.com/wirelesslan

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