Oracle has changed the license terms for Java - What does this mean for Hirschmann customers?

In order to meet the highest security requirements, a current Java version is always required. Currently, when updating your Java version, you are advised that a commercial license of Oracle is required for the update.
Since February 2019, a commercial license for Java-8 products is required to continue receiving updates for Java.

Action may be required for products with Java-based graphical user interfaces. If you use Hirschmann applications, there is no need for action.


Products with Java-based graphical user interface

Devices from one of the following product series have a Java-based graphical user interface:

The graphical user interface of these devices accesses the Java (JRE) installed on the PC when you use the graphical user interface in the web browser. Starting with Java version 8u211 a commercial license is required.



Hirschmann recommends the HiView application for accessing the Java-based graphical user interface. This allows you to access Hirschmann switches, routers and firewalls independently of the web browser.

If you want to continue accessing the Java-based graphical user interface with your web browser, use OpenJDK, which is not affected by Oracle's changed license terms.

Where to get the OpenJDK?

For example, OpenJDK is available from AdoptOpenJDL at https://adoptopenjdk.net.

After installation, make sure that your applications use this Java variant. You can configure the necessary settings in the Java system settings.


If you use one of the following Hirschmann applications, there is no need for action on the part of the user:

  • Industrial HiVision
  • HiFusion
  • HiView
  • HiDiscovery

These applications use an embedded Java. Hirschmann has verified that these applications do not violate the license terms of Oracle. Hirschmann will not replace the embedded Java version for applications that have already been delivered. Applications released after 16.04.2019 include OpenJDK.

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