Secure Remote Access Solution with Routed Capabilities

The Secure Remote Access Solution offers instant access to remote sites to troubleshoot or fix problems. With minimal IT knowledge and no changes to corporate firewalls, you can enable many devices to communicate securely – regardless of the distance between them.

At the core of the Secure Remote Access Solution is a cloud service to which customers can connect their remote network devices, including the ability to manage the network from personal computers (PCs) or mobile devices. Through cellular network access, you can also set-up secure remote access without an existing network for both routed and transparent applications.

The Secure Remote Access Solution’s simple set-up, ease of use and secure technology make it ideal for the numerous industries which often need remote access to plants and machinery around the world.



  • Simple configuration settings allow those with limited technical knowledge to network devices as part of the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Supports both transparent (GECKO 4TX) or routed (OWL) connections for maximum flexibility
  • Connect to 3G or 4G cellular networks for installations without existing wired networks to provide a cost-effective solution to a common logistical issue

More information about the the Secure Remote Access Solution:

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