Hirschmann BOBCAT Next-Generation Managed Switches

With bandwidth and connected devices on the rise, manufacturers must maximize performance and security – while taking up less space. The Hirschmann BOBCAT Managed Switch, including high-port count variants, offers more flexibility and interoperability to simplify maintenance and future-proof network operations.

It’s advanced security features, ruggedized design and real-time communication using TSN make the BOBCAT switches a compact, yet powerful, networking solution for next-generation IIoT networks.


Features & Benefits

  • Future-Proof Design: Increased bandwidth and speed capabilities up to 2.5 Gigabits through adjustable SFPs without changing the appliance
  • High-Port Density: Up to 24 ports within a compact housing to connect a growing number of network devices
  • Precise Data Transmission: Simultaneously support multiple services on the network through TSN technology
  • Advanced Security: Including wire-speed access control lists and automatic denial-of-service prevention
  • Maximum Power: Support up to 240 W across 8 PoE/PoE+ ports without load sharing to ensure high power output

More information about the Hirschmann BOBCAT High-Port Switches:

Hirschmann BOBCAT Video


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