Compact Managed and Unmanaged Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Switches

The customization of Hirschmann OpenRail managed industrial Ethernet switches is now possible with our online web configurator. The configurator makes it easy to develop tailored solutions for many application scenarios.

  • With the web configurator, OpenRail boasts an online ordering system that can cope with almost any requirement.
  • It takes only a few mouse clicks to configure the optimum switch from the thousands of potential versions available.
  • With OpenRail, you only pay for the features your individual application actually needs.

Technical Information

Your Benefits

The managed Industrial Ethernet switches in the OpenRail family provide an optimum degree of flexibility. Using the web configurator, you can exploit our range of several thousand versions to put together the ideal switch variant for your purposes – even if you only need one of a particular configuration. Features such as number of ports, management functionality or industry-specific approvals can be conveniently selected from drop-down lists. Once we have received your order, your customized switches will be immediately manufactured. We will then deliver them to you at the same price and delivery conditions as for our standard devices.

Hirschmann™ OpenRail family

The features of these compact OpenRail switches can be configured in a step-by-step process – from selecting the number of ports with Fast Ethernet or Gigabit data rates, to software functionality. At the end of the process, an order code is generated, which contains all the necessary configuration information.

In the automation area, the demands made on data communication via Ethernet differ widely from application to application. They range from simple installations to complex, high-performance networks with comprehensive management functions and extremely high failure tolerance. The OpenRail is the perfect switch for every application scenario and is ideal for machine and plant engineering where Ethernet is becoming the communications protocol.
In addition, the OpenRail family has the required certifications for power transmission and distribution, oil and gas and transportation applications.

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Product Description

Nowadays, efficient production processes are more important than ever in generating strong added value. "Off-the-shelf" products can never be a perfect fit for all customers. That is why Hirschmann developed a web configurator for its OpenRail Ethernet switches in the RS20, RS30 and RS40 series. The online configurator facilitates the configuration of products to exact customer specifications. Fast Ethernet and Gigabit ports can be individually defined and the customer can select the desired operating temperature range, power supply and industry-specific approvals. There is also a choice of software versions, each containing a range of different management functions and providing support for fast redundancy protocols, security mechanisms and standards such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.

Benefits at a Glance

OpenRail offers you customized switches for the same price as standard devices.

  • Customized switches with an outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Fast and simple selection of features using the web configurator and drop-down lists
  • Versions with 4 to 26 Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 BASE-TX) or 9 Gigabit Ethernet ports (1000 BASE-FX)
  • PROFINET and EtherNet/IP variants
  • Convenient configuration and diagnostics thanks to comprehensive management functions (serial interface, web interface, SNMP V1/V2, HiVision File Transfer, SW, HTTP/TFTP, LLDP-MED)
  • High network availability owing to fast redundancy protocols (HIPER Ring, MRP, MSTP, RSTP-IEEE802.1D-2004, MRP and RSTP in parallel, Link Aggregation
  • High data security thanks to numerous security mechanisms (IP and MAC Port Security, SNMP V3, SSHv2, Authentication (IEEE802.1x), 802.1x Multi Client Authentication, Guest VLAN and Unauthenticated VLAN, Port based Radius VLAN Assignment, Login Banner)
  • Broad range of application scenarios due to industry-specific certifications
  • Extended operating temperature range from 40°C to +70°C
  • High resistance to shocks, vibrations and EMC
  • Redundant 24/48V power supply
  • Compact DIN rail casing for space-saving installation
  • Can be ideally combined with switches and Industrial HiVision network management software from Hirschmann, Ethernet cable from Belden, and devices in the Lumberg Automation and GarrettCom product programs

Product Overview


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